1. ADT (Australiasian Digital Theses Program)
    This search portal provides searching, browsing, and access to ETDs produced in Australia.

  2. DiVA
    This portal provides access to ETDs and research publications written at 26 institutions in Scandinavia.

  3. DART-Europe E-theses Portal
    A discovery service for open access research theses awarded by European universities.

  4. National ETD Portal (South Africa)
    This search portal provides access to ETDs produced in South Africa.

  5. Theses Canada
    A union catalog of Canadian theses and dissertations, in both electronic and analog formats, is available through the search interface on this portal.

  6. Mahatma Gandhi University - Online Theses
    The First Online Digital Theses library covering more than 1000 theses in Sanskrit, Malayalam, Hindi and English

  7. Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Library
    The University of the Western Cape electronic theses and dissertations repository holds full-text theses submitted for degree purposes since 2004, with selected titles prior to 2004.